Bradford University Tortures Animals

At 12pm on Saturday 13th February, 2010, between 100-150 Animal Rights activists gathered at Centenary Square in the centre of Bradford to protest against the use of animals for experimentation at the University of Bradford.

A march through the streets and up to the University building witnessed several arrests and what many regarded to be heavy handed policing tactics, as protestors were prevented from handing out leaflets to the public on several occasions and two were arrested for attempting to obscure the view of the FIT (Forward Intelligence Team) cameraman who was trying to film people attending the legal demonstration. Several small skirmishes ensued causing a high level of tension between the Police and demonstrators.

The demonstration was called by a group called SAEAB (Stop Animal Experiments At Bradford University) and was attended by individuals and groups from around the country.

Over 100 people turned out at Bradford University to protest against the animal testing which continues there.

The group congregated in centenary square at 12pm with a rally and then began a march around the city centre at 1pm which moved through the centre to the Broadway development, soon to be Bradfords 'Arts Hole', where two protestors obscured the FIT [Forward Intelligence Team] cameras with posters . Moving up to the Oastler market the protest then went down past TJ Hughes, near here one protestor reported on twitter that they were pushed by police officer number 8333, and then the media museum to make way up Great Horton Road to the main University campus.

Outside the Richmond building and Atrium the protest became stationary. The FIT cameras were obscured again by protestors who were then targeted by the police for arrest. One of them was pushed down a steep grassy verge. Two arrests were made but one person was freed by other protestors.

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